The Knot Age
SVA St John Street Gallery, 2024
collaborative exhibition with Freddie Wise

collected Knot Texts : View PDF
texts from: Charlie Barker, Eleanor Tennyson, Maria Appleton,
Simon Handy, Lo, Imogen Denton, Daniel Simons.

Cosmos, 2021

collaborative work with India Mello It’s a metallic study of love, bleeding oil, and light beaming little kisses.

Hot shiny flashes. So sharp and so beautiful.

Beijinhos is merging murky waters, even black. It’s thick and dense. It’s petrol coloured strings of drool that covers into the soft underbelly of exhaust pipes.

Little kisses are the symbol of horror we find in love.
A stone that threw itself to the hole of its own secret phobia.
A hot laser ray that pierces the plate of my
and your chest.

In an infinite spark with unlimited kisses,
it is present, intact and unmoved.

And breathe in disinfectant.
And feel washed up galvanised scraps sleeping in moss beds.

It’s definitely apnea, wrapped by thousands of metallic shards.

Beijinhos focuses on, steeliness, nostalgia and fear.

Beijinhos lives in the drilling of tensed muscles,
which is love,
both ways.

painting by Tove Ambolt

it stayed for a while as a road sign
Camberwell Summer Show, 2019

plaster, jesmonite, stitched fiberglass,

papercrete, scented pine oil

MDF, polythene sheet, asphalt, risograph print

clear acrylic, cuttlefish bone, asphalt, plastic bag, plaster cast plastic bag, risograph print, MDF

A clatter of things that are only noticed when broken.
Hypothetically slippy moments.

ceramics, glaze, underglaze pencil
tarmac text
copeland gallery

screen print newsprint, resin, welded steel
lino prints [a4] collaberation with Emily Ritchie
all profits donated to MIND and Calsfoundation Charity
asphalt, cuttlefish bone, plaster, screenprint, resin